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Q: What are ways germs are transmitted?
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How are germs transmitted?

Germs can be transmitted in many ways,but the most that are very comment are airborne,meaning its impossible to dodge germs if they are in the air. The second most comment is contact,as our hands touch so much stuff,its true that we touch our own face a lot so its inevitable for germs to NOT be transmitted. Other unknowns are unclean utensils,unclean surfaces etc.

How is scrofula transmitted?

Scrofula is usually spread in germs. If someone has had scrofula before the germs still remain on its body. And then it passes to a different person

List 2 ways that HIV can be transmitted and 2 ways it can't?

HIV can be transmitted by blood and breast milk. HIV can't be transmitted by sweat and saliva.

What are three ways in which germs are transmitted?

Let us be correct and call these bacteria and/or virus or microbes. They each can be transmitted through direct contact, indirect contact or through the air. Direct contact includes touching with bare skin. Indirect contact is by leaving the microbes on a surface for someone else to pick up.

What are some of the ways that germs can be spread from person to person?

Germs can be spread in many ways from person to person. Physical contact such as handshakes or hugging can lead to the spread of germs. Drinking after another person can also lead to the spread of germs. It is best to avoid contact with individuals who are sick.

How the body deals with germs in various ways?


How do high and low temperatures affect the growth of germs in ways that are alike and different?

this effects the germs because it is really dangerous

How high and low do temperatures affect the growth of germs in ways that are alike and different?

this effects the germs because it is really dangerous

How many germs live on your cell phone?

There are thousands of microscopic germs living on your cell phone. It spreads if other people touch it too. There are thousands of ways to get germs on your cell phone.

My husband has COPD. I need help. He does not see this as a problem. Does spitting and gagging into kitchen sink and bathtub cause others to be at risk of germs?

It can not be spread to other people. Though any cold germs can be transmitted by coughing everywhere.

Explain the 3 ways diseases are transmitted List the Personal protection equipment you would need for transmission based precautions?

the 3 main ways diseases ae transmitted are through direct contact, air transmitted droplets and bite by infected animal

How can bacteria be transmitted to other people and the environment?

Coughing, nail biting, or sneezing all transfer germs to your hands, which can in turn be passed to your food.