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Q: What are two types of excess liability umbrella policies?
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How General Insurance Can Protect You?

"General insurance" is the umbrella term used by the insurance industry to describe all policies other than life insurance policies. This includes various types of insurance for individuals as well business policies. The two most common types of general insurance for individuals are automobile insurance and homeowners insurance, both of which can include property and casualty coverage. The two most common types of general insurance available for businesses are commercial auto liability and commercial general liability. Other commercial general insurance products include premise liability, professional liability, product liability and operations liability. An increasingly popular commercial product is business interruption insurance that provides the business owner with income should a disaster fall that is covered by other parts of his or her policy.

Is there a comprehensive Auto liability policy?

There are many different types of insurance policies to choose from, including comprehensive and liability. When choosing a policy, be sure to consider the cost and your basic needs.

What are some good types of gio insurance?

"GIO offers many different types of insurance coverages, includind Auto policies, home owners, Life Insurance, Travel, liability insurance, workers compensations, etc. All would be good policies to have depending on your personal situation."

Why does a homeowners association need an umbrella and excess liability insurance?

A homeowners association needs an umbrella and excess liability insurance to cover any unexpected and potentially costly accidents or incidents that may occur within the community. This additional coverage helps protect the association against lawsuits and claims that exceed the limits of their primary liability insurance. It provides an extra layer of financial protection for the association and its members.

How do I get Persoanl Liability Insurance for a 15' Boat dock?

You don't mention is you have any other policy that covers this dock. Assuming that you don't, you should talk to your insurance agent and explore your options. For example, if you have a business policy or personal homeowners policy, it may work that you purchase "personal umbrella" coverage. Or, you may see about getting a standalone liability policy. Insurers differ greatly in their underwriting approaches but generally they are not looking to write liability-only policies on a risk class such as marinas, docks, etc. Be forewarned that you may end up in what is called the E & S market. This stands for "Excess & Surplus" and there are carriers who write "unusual" or "less than desirable" types of risks. Granted that their premiums are higher priced but this is based on the actual risk written.

What are two types of car liability insurance?

Bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

What are the various types of insurance policies?

Most of the major types, more than one of which could be included in one policy: 1) auto 2) home /property 3) health 4) life 5) boat 6) farm 7) business / lost income 8) personal liability 9) inland marine 10) garage keepers 11) workmans comp 12) commercial liabililty 13) commerical vehicle 14) umbrella

Does liability insurance cover construction mistakes?

Liability insurance covers third party lawsuits resulting from a contractors operations. This includes parties injured by faulty construction and also property damage resulting from faulty construction. Liability insurance DOES NOT cover the contractors property that is "their work" which needs to be covered by builders risk insurance. Construction insurance policies are complex so make sure you work with a construction insurance broker to get quotes and understand what you are buying. Policies can be written to exclude types of work, certain projects, certain types of claims, and prior work performed.

What types of car insurance are offered in Pennsylvania?

All major car insurance companies offer policies in Pennsylvania. You have to get state mandated minimum coverage but may opt to get higher levels of insurance. Comprehensive, collision, theft, liability and other car insurance policies are available.

What types of insurance does AMCO insurance have to offer?

AMCO offers most of the typical packages of automobile insurance. The one area that they are very big in, however, is motorcycle insurance. They have liability as well as collision policies.

What is Commercial Combined Insurance?

Commercial Combined Insurance is a term used to apply to more than one type of commercial insurance that are written together and given a discounted rate. There are many different types of commercial insurance that are put together in order to properly cover a business. Some of the types of policies are Commercial Property, Commercial Premises Liability, Commercial Auto, Directors and Officers Liability, Boiler and Machinery, Workers Compensation, Professional Liability, Inland Marine, Commercial Contents Coverage, and many more plus endorsements that can add or modify the coverage on these individual policies.

Is a red market umbrella an umbrella that is going to last?

There are several different types of red market umbrella. Determine what your market umbrella is made out of in order to determine the quality. Heavy and dense materials such as polyester blend will last the longest.