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Water because It is first solid its ice then when it melts it is liquid and when it is a gas its water vapor.

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Q: What are things that have physical changes?
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Are bateries chemical changes?

Yes. Chemical changes are changes in what things are made of, physical changes are changes of physical localization or state of matter ( liquid, solid, or gas)

Examples of physical changes in home?

heating things doiing things

Is fashioning a table leg from a piece of wood chemical or physical changes?

Physical. Physical changes include things such as changing shape or color. Chemical changes change the chemical properties of a material, often during a chemical reaction.

Is lightning a chemical or physical change?

Lightning is a physical change not a chemical change. Other things that are physical changes are breaking a bottle and melting ice.

Why changes of stat are physical changes?

The changes of stat are physical changes because the stat is similar to the physical changes.

Are state changes chemical or physical changes?

Physical Changes

You place an ice cube on the sink and it begins to melt . is this a chemical reaction?

This is a physical change. Chemical changes are changes in "what things are made out of".

What is marijuana physical changes?

what is marijuana physical changes

Are all physical changes are reversible changes?

yes , all the physical changes are reversible changes.

What are the chemical and physical changes of photosynthesis?

There are no physical changes. there are only chemical changes.

What are physical and chemical changes and how are they the same and how are they different?

Physical changes are changes in something that affects the objects physical characteristics. Meaning things like the color, shape, amount. Example: cutting a piece of paper, painting a wall, etc. Chemical changes change what the object is made of. It can change everything, including the state the object(or liquid) is in.

What is a list of physical changes?

physical changes are boiling and burning.