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The nose and sinuses warms the air we breathe. Both, along with hair in the nose, trap particles and germs to help us avoid getting sick. And I guess the third is the old joke that noses provide a place where eyeglasses can rest.

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Q: What are the two function of nasal cavity?
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What is the function of the middle nasal conchae?

nasal cavity

What is the function of the mucous membrane lining in the nasa cavity?

It coats the nasal cavity and collects pathogens.

What is the function of a nasal cavity in the respiratory system model?

They don't really are related because it says "what is the function of the nasal cavity and these differ", the nasal cavity is used for us to breathe through the two openings on our nose called the "nostrils".

What is the difference between the bony nasal cavity and the nasal cavity?

The bony nasal cavity is made up of the hard palate and the palatine process of the maxilla. The nasal cavity is made up of the rest of the nasal sinuses and includes the bony nasal cavity.

What is the function of the nasal cavity?

When you inhale, air is drawn into the nasal cavity, which warms, moistens and filters the incoming air. The nasal cavity includes mucus, immunologic tissue in the form of the adenoids to combat allergens, and a pathway to excrete mucus during times of infection/illness. In addition, neuroreceptors for the sense of smell are located in the nasal cavity.

What divides the nasal cavity?

The nasal septum divides the nasal cavity medially.Thanks,seesaw81297

What is the dagger shaped bone in the nasal cavity?

nasal cavity

Para nasal sinuses drain into which cavity?

Nasal cavity.

What is the nasal bone cavity called?

ethmoid cavity

Function of a pharynx?

It serves as a passage way for food travelling from the oral cavity to the esophagus and for air travelling from the nasal cavity to larynex

Give two functions of the nasal cavity?

The nasal cavity is part of the Olfactory System, which is one of the 5 senses and is the sense of smell. It works closely with our sense of taste. Another function of the nasal cavity is to warm and moisted the air as we breath in. That is why we are told that we should breath in through our noses and out through our mouths. On a very cold day, we may do this automatically without realising. Hope this helps.

Location of nasal cavity through nasopharynx?

The nasal cavity opens up to the nasopharynx through the choanae. The nasal cavity is lined with mucosa except for vestibule. The nasal cavity has openings for paranasal sinuses.