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Eating healthy food, exercising and staying active even though there is more!

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Q: What are the three things you need to be healthy?
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What are the three best things that animals need to live and be healthy?

food water and exersise

What does Sarah Palin eat?

probably healthy things. senators need to have a healthy diet.

What are the three things you can do to keep your skeletal muscles and systems healthy?

Rest, Exercise, and eat healthy foods

What are three things you can do to keep your body healthy?

oxygen water and nutrients

What are three essential things to grow a beautiful garden in Pakistan?

In order to grow a great garden in Pakistan you will need to make sure it is healthy. Your plants will need water, nutrients and sunlight.

What do lizards need to be fit and healthy?

The main things they need is food and water.

What do hyenas need to survive?

As with any animal, hyenas need three main things to survive. They need food to eat which helps their bodies grow and keeps them healthy, they need water to keep their bodies full of sustenance and they need a proper habitat or "home" to live in. All of these three things are essential in a hyenas survival.

What are three things that need to be cleaned by water?

the three things that need to be cleaned from water are chemicals,germs

Three reasons why people need to eat?

To live, to get energy and to be healthy

What are the things you do and need to have good health?

You need to exercise, and eat healthy food. ( I think so!) ^^!

What are three things you can do to keep you skeletal and muscle system healthy?

exercise, nutrients, and rest

What is nutrient?

Nutrients are the things that mammals need in there body even fish need it. When you eat healthy foods it goes in your body and keeps you healthy.