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the star is the bigger than by the sun.the sun is the star

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Q: What are the other instruments used by astronomers in gathering information about stars?
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What are other instruments used by the astronomers to study about stars?


What are the instruments used to study the solar system?

Telescopes in general. Optical telescopes Radio telescopes Gravity wave telescopes

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What parts of the spectrum other than visible light are important to astronomers?

There's information to be learned from every part of the spectrum. That's why we build radio telescopes on Earth, and outfit artificial satellites with instruments to observe the parts of the spectrum that don't penetrate the atmosphere, like X-rays.

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How do astronomers know what conditions exist inside Sun?

While it is difficult to know exactly what is going on inside the sun, scientists make educated guesses. They have radio and optical telescopes and other instruments monitoring the sun all the time.

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