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The most watched television network is CBS. CBS has over five million viewers. ABC is the next most watched network and then the Disney channel.

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Q: What are the most watched television networks in the us?
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What is the most watched television program in US?

Super Bowl

How did people watch the moon landing?

Most of us watched it on TV.

Which is the most watched TV show in the US in fall of 2007?

for girls, Hannah Montana. it teachs lessons for life.

What is the most watched tv programme of all time?

Set on 2/7/10 Super bowl 44 (Colts vs. Saints) was the most watched TV program in US history with 106.5 million views. Before that was the series finale of M*A*S*H, with 106 million views

What is the most watched grand slam?

According to worldwide television ratings, the US Open has been the most watched Grand Slam for the last 11 years. Additionally, it has the most fans in attendance and the largest press following of any tennis tournament. Wimbledon is however the most popular tournament in Europe and the oldest.

How many networks are there?

87. There are 39 religious networks, shopping networks, 10 News/Sports/Lifestyle networks, 15 general entertainment networks, 15 Spanish networks, 9 Public Television networks, and 5 major American networks. Note, these are just networks, there are millions of stations for each network in the US alone.

How many total television channels are there in US?

How many local cable tv stations are in the usa?

Which major networks are broadcasting currently with a digital signal?

All TV stations in the US by law

On what television networks can a person watch episodes of the Dragon Ball anime?

In Japan the networks are Fuji TV and Animax. In other countries networks include; Cartoon Network (Aus, NZ), YTV (Can), CNX & Toonami (UK), and in the US- Cartoon Network, Colours TV, Funimation Channel, Toonami Jetstream and KIKU.

Why can Britain watch US shows but the US can't watch their shows?

It's upto the television networks to buy the rights to show programmes.

Which TV network produces the most game shows?

Several tv networks produce game shows in the US. There is now a network completely dedicated to game shows. It is called the Game Show network, which is very popular.

When the Beatles first came to the us in early 1964 you all watched them on what tv show?

It was the Ed Sullivan show.