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Q: What are the long term effect of vital capacity?
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How does long term exercise effect vital capacity?

Vital capacity is the amount of oxygen which can be inspired by the lungs to fuel the body with oxygen. It is affected by long term exercise because as the body is worked during a physical activity there is a high demand for oxygen, this is why breathing deepens when exercising. Over time the lungs increase in size to allow more oxygen in to the body so that there is more oxygen to provide the muscles with energy so that they can cope with the demand. Also the catergry for this question should be respiroty system and not skeletal :)

Is steroids Short-term or long-term effect?


Long term effect of mumps?

what are the long terms effect of mumps

What part of the limbic system is vital in converting short-term memory to long-term memory?


Is primary socialisation a long term or short term effect?

Long term most often.

Is yellowing of the skin from smoking long or short term effect?

Long term

What term effect does an earthquakes long term or short term?

Answer: Short Term

What is the difference between long term and short term effects?

The difference between long and short term causes are..... short term cause is the main reason for somthing being the way it is for a little while and soon people get over it. Mainly, a short term effect is how something immediately affects about something.. long term cause if somthing happens and it is very prolonging all for that one cause and is carried out for a very long time. A long term effect is an affect thatwill happen later in the future.. there is also the continuous effect, which starts and does not end until you get rid of the somthing. . so there is short term effect, long term effect and continuous term effect

What does LTSYC mean?

Long-Term Sustained Yield Capacity

What are the differents between long term aid and short term aid?

Short term aid is things like food and water that only has a short term effect and long term aid is things that have a long term effect like tools and materials.

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The long term effect is destroying an iron object.

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Sometimes death. Pretty long term!