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Q: What are the health benefits of oxidizing your blood?
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What are the main health benefits when giving blood?

The main health benefits of giving blood are that you will be providing a much needed resource to the hospitals who are trying to save lives. It may be you someday who benefits from this.

What are the health benefits of almond butter?

There are several health benefits of almond butter. These benefits include good for the heart, lower blood pressure, control blood pressure, rich in antioxidants, and help with weight control.

What are the health benefits of Black-eyed peas?

Chick peas has several health benefits such as fiber, controls blood sugar, and insulin secretion.

What are Garlic's health benefits?

One, it helps regulate blood sugar

What health benefits are there to losing weight?

Health benefits of losing weight are lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar and less risk for heart disease.

What are the best health benefits of zinc?

reduced muscle fatigue, proper wound healing, control of blood pressure, lung efficiency

Health benefits from peanuts?

The health benefits of peanuts include improved fertility, blood sugar regulation, prevention of gallstones, lowering of cholesterol levels, reduced heart diseases, and cancer prevention.

Health benefits from dark chocolate?

Health benefits of dark chocolate include lowering of blood pressure, minimizing risk of stroke, hardening of tooth enamel, high vitamins and minerals such as potassium and iron.

What are the benefits health?

The benefits of health are you can live a longer happier life being healthy, not getting worned out, have more energy, good blood pressure, good sugar levels, at a lower risk of diseases.

What are the health benefits of skiing?

the healthy benefits of skiing arethat the moving side to side allows the blood to move through your body more easily

What are the health benefits of hot tubs?

There are many health benefits of hot tubs. The massaging jets in hot tubs reduce tension, relax muscles, ease joint pain, and ease blood flow and circulation.

What health benefits can cuddling give?

Cuddling is great because it is not only fun and comforting, but it also provides many health benefits. These benefits include; reducing risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, boosts memory and improves communicative abilities.