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  • age
  • diet
  • fluid status
  • activity
  • psychological Factors
  • personal habits
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Q: What are the factors that affects your bowel elimination?
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What are herbs called that induce profuse bowel elimination and stimulate bile secretions?

Cholagogue is the term.

What factors caused the dust bowel?

Poor farming methods and natural droughts are the factors that caused the dust bowel.

How can you have a bowel movement without pain?

There should not be pain with bowel elimination. Some people may have hemorrhoids that cause discomfort, but it should not be painful. If it is, then you should consult a health care professional.

What are the factors that affects the climate of Bhutan?

I think because the factors that affects of climate of bhutan

What are some factors that can alter renal elimination of a medication?

factors that can alter renal eliminations of medictions.

What conditions may be caused by incomplete elimination of body wastes?

.joint pain and arthritis.irritable bowel syndrome.diverticulitis.Crohn's disease.heart problem.migraine.allergies.bad breath.

What affects the elimination of bacteria from an object?

Temperature, pH, Number of bacteria present and presence of organic matter

What are the factors that affects ones attitude and practices related to sexuality?

factors that affects ones attitude and practices related to sexuality

What is The term for the solid body wastes that are expelled through the rectum?


Do colon cleansers cause blood in stool?

no they are not supposed to because the cleansers are used to detoxify the bowel and get rid of impurities and toxins through the process of elimination.

What is medical diagnosis for colostomy?

Alteration in Bowel Elimination Related To Ostomy

What are the factors that affects the rate of breathing?