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characteristics of research

1.analytical & critical --> going deeper into the depth of the idea.

2.systematic-->employing valid procedure and principle.

3.controlled-->keeping the variable constant

4.accurate--> conducting a careful investigation.

5.replicability-->having research design & procedures to enable the research to arrive at valid & conclusive results.

6.cylical-->having a succession of procedure the cycle that start with a problem and ends with a problem.

7.empirical--> basing data on direct observation & general truth.

8.requires courage--> calling the researchers will to continue the work in spite of the problem

9.original work--> producing a work of your own by making use of scientific process.

10.patient and unhurried activity--> requiring an effort making a capacity.

11.hypothetical-->giving an intelligent guess before presenting the conclusion.

12.done by an expert--> making the research more reliable and tested.

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Empirical :- based on the experience about the research

Logical:- The research should be possible

Clear:- The research must be clear to understand

Characteristics are also --------S.M.A.R.T.





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Some characteristic of the research process include:









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Action research can be broken down into two parts: Good teaching and testing of a hypothesis. Reasons for action research may be a challenge, self-improvement, or improvement of teaching and delivery of curriculum.

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The four characteristics of action research are ethical commitment, cycle of reflective thinking, public character presentation, and collaboration.

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Q: What are the different parts of action research?
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What are the different parts of research?

The different parts of research are:1. introduction2. Literature review3. Methodology4. Results5. Conclusion

What are the different parts of a research?

You first need to come up with a theme for your research.

Is applied research different from action research?

yes it is different because ACTION research is a decision oriented research involving the application of the steps of the scientific method in response to an immediate needs to improve existing practice while APPLIED/PRACTICAL research is that seeking new information or new application of scientific knowledge to the solution of a problem.

Scope of action research on teachers?

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What is the difference between applied research and action research?

Applied research focuses on solving practical problems through the application of existing knowledge and theories, while action research involves engaging stakeholders in identifying issues, taking action, and reflecting on the outcomes to drive change and improvement. Action research is more collaborative, participatory, and iterative compared to applied research.

What is the action plan if a school has a sickle cell crisis?

The action plan for schools when they have a sickle cell crisis differs from school to school. The different schools have different steps to follow and it is best to research your own local schools action plan.

Examples of analytical tools in action research?

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What is the most important step in action research?

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Which research that aims at immediate application?

Action Research

What are the differences between fundamental research and action research?

Fundamental research is self educating on the basic parameters and influence on the current situation. Action research is interpretation for the sole purpose of taking action, for example a specific purchase.

What are the differences between action research and experimental research?

In "Action Research" the researcher is part of the process under investigation; in "Experimental Research" the researcher tries not to influence the process.

What is the difference between traditional research and participatory action research?

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