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Dubnium is an artificial chemical element, metal, solid, radioactive, placed in period 7 and group 5 of the Periodic Table of Mendeleev. The atomic number is 105. Dubnium has 13 isotopes and probable 3 isomers.

Some estimated properties of dubnium:
-density: 29,3 g/cm3
-first ionization energy; 664,8 kJ/mol
-empirical atomic radius: 139 pm
-crystalline structure: body centered cubic

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Q: What are the characteristics of dubnium?
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What color is Dubnium?

Dubnium does not have a color.

Does dubnium have an odor?

Dubnium has no odor.

Is dubnium flammable?

Dubnium is not flammable.

How is dubnium used?

Dubnium hasn't uses.

What is the odor of dubnium?

Dubnium hasn't odor.

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The color of dubnium is not known.

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Dubnium has no uses.

What elements make up dubnium?

Dubnium is an artificial chemical element containing only atoms of dubnium; dubnium is prepared via nuclear reactions.

Is dubnium harmfull?

Yes, Dubnium is harmful because it is radioactive. Dubnium is used for nuclear bombs and weapons.

What is the symbol for dubnium?

The chemical symbol of dubnium is Db.

How many electrons does dubnium have?

Dubnium has 105 electrons.