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A physically healthy person does not have a high BMI and is in good shape. They also have a healthy color to the skin, and do not appear haggard.

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Q: What are the characteristic of a physically healthy person?
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Give the characteristic of a healthy person?

physically fit,and proper weight.. che:)

How can be a person called healthy?

a person is called healthy if he/she is mentally,emotionally and physically fit.

What are the characteristic of physical healthy person?


Could you find a p ictures of a physically healthy person?

a man from the Britain

What makes a physically person?

A good diet, a healthy outlook and plenty of exercise.

Is it important to be mentally healthy or physically healthy?

Mentally and physically.

What is nursing arts?

It is the act of taking care to a person-healthy or sick- physically and emotionally.

How would you describe a physically fit individual?

a person that is healthy takes care of theirself

What do you mean by physically healthy?

Physically healthy means that your body is healthy. It does not mean that your mind is healthy though, that is mental health.

What makes a physical fit person?

A good diet, a healthy outlook and plenty of exercise.

What are the characteristics of a physically educated person?

A physically educated person is knowledgeable about skills that are necessary to perform various physical activities. They use concepts of space and body awareness when they move. They are usually physically fit and highly value physical activity and its importance in a healthy lifestyle.

What does physically healthy mean?

Just what it says. Your physically healthy, your body is functioning on the outside for the most part you can say, your muscles are working properly. You can stay PHYSICALLY healthy by eating correctly and keeping exercise