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alot dont do it!

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Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant when you're ovulating?
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If youre a month late how good of chances are you pregnant?

If you had sex while you were ovulating, then there is a big chance. Take a preg test to make sure.

Why do you have a Dull ache in stomach with no period 4 weeks late?

chances are youre pregnant

Could you be pregnant if a guy came inside of you a week before you start your period?

It is possible to get pregnant if a guy ejaculates inside you, regardless of where you are in your menstrual cycle. Sperm can survive inside the female body for up to 5 days, so there is a risk of pregnancy even if it is a week before your period. It's important to use protection if you're not trying to conceive.

Does youre stomach still go in and out when you breathe if youre pregnant?

Yes. You still breathe normally while pregnant.

Could i be pregnant i have sore heavy breasts headachs back ach cramps feel very tired i came on my period 2 days early an it is different to my last one it is very light i feel i have a temperature.?

when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant.

Can you get pregnant on your peirod?

Not always, but yes. All woman ovulate at different times and some ovulate while on their period so it is possible to get pregnant, but don't always count on that. Most woman get pregnant on their periods from having sex on the first day or last day of their periods so I've heard. I've been researching all day, but most of this is what I've heard from other people so don't be too sure. Go to a doctor to see when you are ovulating for sure. :)

Do you count the weekends when youre pregnant?


Can you be pregnant if youre spotting and cramping?


Can you have period pain if your pregnant?

yes. you can even have your period while youre pregnant

If your stomach gets bloated and you are getting ready to come on your perioddoes it mean that youre pregnant?

No, it's just something that often happens before a period

What is my eligibility for alternative student loans?

Your eligibility for a student loan varies on hat kind of family you have come from and where you personally stand financially. If you come from a wealthy family, chances are you will not get a loan but if you are not as wealthy, youre chances are much more likely of getting approved.

Can not having a period every month prevent pregnancy?

that depends. if your on bc that prevents periods then yes. your period doesn't have much to do with preventing pregnancy. bc stops you from ovulating and you cant get pregnant if you dont ovulate. if you're not on bc however, you can still ovulate w/o having your period therefore still get pregnant. you miss your period when youre pregnant because that blood makes the sac, placenta etc.