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You can do something you and your family likes, such as playing checkers.

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Q: What are the causes of happiness?
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What causes ecstasy?

Mental and spiritual development. Cultivating the causes for future happiness.

What hormone is released in the body for happiness?

Endorphines affect happiness. Their release causes the sensation of feeling good (a natural high).

Which illness causes the patient unable to see the happiness of the target victim?

Chronic Depression

what causes it?

The causes of happiness are varied and can differ from person to person. Some people may find happiness in achieving their goals, while others may find it in spending time with loved ones, practicing gratitude, or engaging in activities that bring them joy. It can also be influenced by external factors such as financial stability, good health, and a supportive social network. Ultimately, the causes of happiness are subjective and unique to each individual.

What does sugar cause?

It causes fatness,fatigue and if too much, diabetes............but most importantly HAPPINESS!!

Does stress affect happiness?

Yes, stress can affect a person's happiness. Too much stress isn't good, which causes depression, but not enough stress can cause a person to be lackadaisical.

What are two causes and effect about the nation grows?

1) Nations eat food to live 2) Nations kill themselves for happiness

Causes of giddiness?

Giddiness is a form of happiness that makes people feel overjoyed. Dizziness can be a sign that someone with diabetes needs to check their sugar.

Is happiness is correct?

You do spell Happiness Happiness, but the sentence would be, Is Happiness Spelt correct

Is happiness a place person or thing?

Happiness Is A Thing.

What are two main ideas that define utilitarianism philosophy?

The two elements of Utilitarianism philosophy are happiness and consequentialism. All that is associated with happiness is good. Utilitarianism is based on utility. The concepts of good and evil are weighed between what is good for the individual and what is good for the greater community. In Consequentialism, an act is judged on whether it causes happiness for a greater number of people.

Is happiness a verb?

Can you happiness someone or something. No. Happiness is not something you can do, so happiness is not a verb.Happiness is a noun.