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The German word for settings is Einstellungen. The German word for language is Sprache.

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2011-01-02 10:38:38
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Q: What are the German words for settings and language?
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What is German for 'language settings' or equivalent on a Nokia?

Sprache Einstellungen

What language are the words diba de?

The words diba de are from the German language. The German language is complicated but is spoken by many individuals. You can take classes on the language.

How do you say girl in German language?

German words for Girl Maedchen

How do you change language settings from German to English on lg phone?

Go to app setings > then go to language & input > then go to languages.

Words in German?

What words are you trying to find? There are thousands of words in the German language. The word 'Words' is, depending on context, translated as 'Worte' or 'Wörter'.

Is German a difficult language to learn?

Hello! When I sterted the German language, the only thing I found difficult was rolling my "R". Many words in the German language are similar to words in the English language since both English and German are Germanic languages, meaning that they are related. I find German slightly similar to Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. I can also recognise words in Dutch, as both Dutch and German are similar languages.

English words that come from German?

Poodle comes from the German language and it is a type of dog!!

How were the words of German painters different from those of the Flemish painters?

The words of German painters were primarily in the German language, while the words of Flemish painters were primarily in Dutch.

How do you type German words on the key board?

do it for any laptop or desktop go to start-settings-control panel and choose regional and language option now go to language tab and click on details in details you will see the keyboard option just click on add and add your appropriate language (german) keyboard click on ok and you are done..

What is a word that is German that is the same in English?

KindergartenZeitgeistAngstPoltergeistDoppelgängerSchadenfreudeErsatzare all German words that have made it into the English language

How did German influence the English Language?

English is peppered with German words but the most words are scientific. Words like auto, wiener, frankenfurter, kapput, and Schadenfreude all come from German.

How many words in the German language?

Between 500,000 and 3 million.

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