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Every thig is wiped out.

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Q: What are the Effects of nuclear Holocaust on living things?
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What things do the holocaust have?

gas chambers and crematoriomes

What sorts of things the holocaust destroy?

the will to live, faith and especially hope

When should kids learn about the Holocaust?

Kids should learn about the Holocaust when they are in 5th or 6th grade, they should be able to understand everything and not be exposed to too much inappropriate things about the Holocaust at a young age.

Was their something like the Holocaust?

There have been many things like the Holocaust, but none over such a long period, across so many countries and in the West.

What are 3 things important about Jews in hiding during the holocaust?

i dont know

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Is nuclear activity a character of living things?

Nuclear activity is a character of everything.

Does nuclear affect any living thing?

nuclear what? nuclear radiation affects virtually all living things. it is poisonous to virtually everything as it kills living cells and just like in a microwave oven which uses the same technology it will cook you from the inside out.

What are the effects of a nuclear bomb on tangible things such as buildings and people?

blastthermal flashprompt radiationfirestormfallout radiationetc.

Which organic compounds found in living things not energy rich?

Nuclear Acids and DNA

What are the effects of a storm to living things and the environment?

bla bla bla

What can kill any living things but cannot seen?

Nuclear radiation is one invisible killer.

What would a Nuclear bomb interception over the ocean do to the Ecosystem?

it would kill all the things living

What effects happen to living and nonliving thing during a tsunami?

The effects of a tsunami are usually destruction of property on a large scale, and loss of life. It obviously depends on where it happens, and what kinds of manmade things are near there. Tidal waves, flooding, and the impact of things thrown by the wave can have a huge impact on living and non-living things.

In the episode DaBoom What factory did New Quahog rise from?

A twinkie factory, because its one of two things that would survive a nuclear holocaust... the other being a cockroach

What would happen if you had a nuclear explosion?

Many things. I'd need more details on exactly what effects you are interested in to say.

What is the scientific name for the scientific study of living things?

Your answer could apply to any of the three following situations: Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms and their environment Coniology is the study of dust in the atmosphere and its effects on living organisms Actinobiology is the study of the effects of radiation upon living organisms

What is the effects of liver cancer in organism?

many living things will have this disease maybe getting die