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well as for me, the most common unhealthy things are smoking, eating junk and unhealthy foods, drinking liquors too much, and drug abusing.

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Q: What are some unhealthy things people do?
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What are some unhealthy things for the youth?

Drugs, alcohol, the usual.

What is some of the things that can happen if you eat a unhealthy diet?

ya die

What things do people do that might change the weather?

People pollute the air making it unhealthy to work and live in.

Is knowledge of food nutrition the reason for obesity?

some people do not know if foods are dangerous therefor they eat unhealthy. some people do not know if foods are dangerous therefor they eat unhealthy.

Why are hamburgers tasty?

because they are made with different seasonings., plus some unhealthy things..

What does unhealthy lifestyle choices mean?

It means doing things that are unhealthy like smoking, or not exercising, or eating the wrong kinds of foods. These are all things that people can choose to do, and know they are not good, but they make those choices.

Why do you think some people choose unhealthy behaviors?

Because they have a choice.

Why do people give up smoking?

Because it's unhealthy for you, the people around you (friends, kids, etc) and all the things you own.

Why do some people like unhealthy foods?

because they are delicious and most of them are fat.

Why are tacos so addictive?

They taste good because of how many unhealthy things some companies put in them (taco bell and things like that)

Why do people enjoy smoking pot?

Well, people resort to drugs for many reasons. Some may consume drugs for the purpose of fitting in, depression, feeling high, or simply to forget things. Smoking is very unhealthy.

Is milk unhealthy?

Im no expert or dietician, but honestly in my opinion, Organic Milk is healthy... Now a days i think chemicals are being used to much and make some things unhealthy