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By brush your teeths day and night

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Q: What are some thing that make your teeth health?
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What does florine do for the body?

It improves teeth health, and in some countries, they put it in tap water.

What are the good and bad about health?

The good thing about health is having it. And so, the bad thing is not having it. SOme people say that you don't miss something until it's gone, and that can be said about health.

What can you make with the items in warlics shop on adventure quest?

Several things, depending how you combine them. One useful thing you can do is to get some health potions.

How does various soft drinks effect staining of teeth?

These are some things that make your teeth ugly.

What are some ways to make your teeth white?

Brush them.

Why are some people's teeth harder than others?

IF this is about why some get more cavities than others, it's usually NOT about their teeth being harder. The main drivers behind getting cavities or not are eating habits - frequent snacking is bad - and body chemistry. The pH of your saliva has a big influence on your mouth health. Acidic saliva - bad for teeth. Alkaline saliva - good for teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly also help teeth health.

Why are some snacks considered unhealthy?

Usually because they have a lot of fat, sugar and/or salt. We can have SOME of that and it's fine, but if we have too much, it can damage our health. Raise blood pressure, make us fat, rot our teeth...

How does dentist help us?

Dentists help keep people's teeth and gums healthy. Some conditions of the teeth and gums can also be a sign of heart disease and other conditions, so a dentist can alert people in the community of larger health issues.

How do you make your teeth numb?

Use some ice stupid!

What do you do if you teeth are a bit yellow?

brush the teeth, of course..... but in some cases, teeth are not able to be whitened by just brushing it. some people go to dentists and ask it to be bleached to make it whiter.

What are some good health and hygiene practices?

Some good health and hygiene practices are always brushing your teeth and always taking a shower. You should always wash your hands after using the restroom as well.

Is health care a good thing?

Yes, health care is a good thing, if you don't have it if you fall ill you wont have anyone or anything to make you better and will have to pay obscene amounts of money to get some, and by the time you do it may be to late. my advice is get it. or if your asking for someone else, advise them to get it if you want them to be safe.