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oicu812 gets you skullwraith for 10 gold

thirteen1 Gives you a helmet

dragonkhan8234280 gives you a free sword

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Q: What are some special codes on AQWorlds?
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What are AQWorlds codes?

codes that unlock special items in the game

What are all the special codes in AQWorlds?

Thirteen1 and oicu812

What are some codes to be a member on AQWorlds?

There are no codes. You must buy a membership.

What are some secret codes for aqworlds?

one of them is thirteen1

What are some codes for AQWorlds?

oicu812 thirteen1 dragonkhan8234280

What are the codes for the special shops in AQWorlds?

well 1 is oicu812 and thirteen1 but the others can only be used once

What are some AQWorlds secret codes?

one is oicu812 & the other is thirteen1

What is AQWorlds ip address?

first go to battleon go to valencia and go to special codes and type nid2374jn

Is there codes for AQWorlds?

Yes, there is.

What are the AQWorlds codes?


How many codes for special items has aqworlds given out and if you know one can you please tell me?

one of the codes are oicu812 and thirteen1 .... you can unlock the becketts shop and gives you helm....

What are some codes in AQWorlds?

this one i am telling you is very very common to know oicu812