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Q: What are some reasons for the need of sanitizing hands?
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What causes numb hands arms tinnitus neck pain?

See your doctor. There are multiple possible reasons. Some can be serious, some not. In either case you do not need to ignore it.

What are some of the reasons given as to why the hands of black people are lighter than the rest of their bodies in the story 'The Hands of the Black'?

In the story "The Hands of the Black," some reasons given for why the hands of black people may be lighter than the rest of their bodies include exposure to the sun, genetics, and the idea that the hands represent a person's actions and experiences, which can lead to them being lighter or darker in color.

How can you tell your parents you need an want braces what are some reasons?

just say i want braces and give reasons why and also tell them why you need them with reasons too

Why do some people need more sleep than others naturally?

Some people need more sleep than others for several reasons. Some people are busier and need more sleep and some may need more sleep due to genetic reasons.

What are some reasons why you need fire?

Warmth, to cook food, and light

What are some reasons that talking to plants might benefit them?

they need to be loved

Why do you have to wash your hands before cooking?

We Have To Wash our Hands Before Cooking Because There are some reasons which are follows To maintain hygienic quality of food.To Prevent diseases which would be penetrate from food such as food poisoning.

When do you have 4 hands?

when you have a disiese when you are born and it gives you more of some body parts then you need.

What are reasons that one would feel the need to go to church services?

There are a variety of reasons why individuals feel the need to attend church services. Some reasons include wanting to be part of a community and to feel a spiritual connection to a deity.

Can a quaternary ammonia sanitizing solution be responsible for cracked fingertips and itchy finger rash and vesicles?

Yes. I work in the food industry and i have the same problem. But mine is also on the palms of my hands. Get some steriod cream from the doctor or if you dont have insurance, they sell it at drug stores. Sleep with it on at night. Its messy but its better than your hands hurting constantly. I wish you the best of luck and i hope i helped!

Combustion reactions have impacted people?

Some people need to answer this question for urgent reasons!

What are some reasons that people own pets?

Because they feel a need for companionship and/or protection.