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the sun creates heat that gives us the ability to live and not freeze to death. the sun also is used by the plants on earth to create oxygen. It gives us vitamin d too.

The sun is responsible for just about anything that happens on Earth. it controls the weather the tides. Plants rely on the suns energy to produce energy foods and convert CO2 back into C and O2 that animals rely on to eat and breathe . There just would be no life on earth as we know it without the sun. even the energy we get from Coal, oil, the wind and hydroelectric sources are originated in the energy of the sun.

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Q: What are some good things the sun does for us?
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What is good things the sun gives us?

light, energy, and vitamin D from the sun rays.

What good things does weather do to us?

The sun helps plants grow and the rain waters plants that is what I can think of.

What are the 2 things the sun provieds us?

The sun provieds us with light and warmth.

What two vital things does the sun give us?

The sun gives us heat and light

What are some bad things that the sun gives for us?

Skin Cancer, Crows Feet And Lines In Your Face.

What are some things that give us light?

Main source of light on Earth is the Sun. The moon's light is only reflection of sun's light. There are also things that are man made that produces light such as bulbs and candles.

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all good things come to an end if its 2012 or when the sun takes us over expands and burns us in bilions of years im scared now

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Some good things that has happened to the United States with technology are: Transportation (cars, trains, buses, etc.), Computers, and many others (:

Is nature good to us?

In some ways it is and in other ways it isn't. For example a way nature might not be good to us is poison oak makes us really itchy and isn't good for our skin. Nature is good to us in the way that the sun gives us vitamine D.

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Not enough information to answer. Good questions= good answers. You need to give us some info to get a good answer.

Is the sun good or bad for us?

The Sun is good because it is the source of all our heat and energy. it also gives us a good resource of vitimin d The sun also Emmit's UV radiation which can be harmful