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Q: What are some fads that was popular when neil armstorng was famous?
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Was there a person that walked on the moon?

yes there was his name was neil armstorng

How much did Neil Armstorng's space suit weigh?

five million billion kilos

Is neil armstorng still alive?

Yes, he is still alive. He is currently 79 years old.

What did neil armstorng and Buzz Aldrin do for the first time in history?

They were the first men to land and walk on the moon.

What did Neil Armstrong do that changed things around him?

It Made Him Very Popular And Famous

Is Harvest Moon popular?

Its one of Neil Young's most famous songs.

How Neil Young became famous?

Neil young was a famous musician.

Who is neil Martin?

neil martin is a famous footballer

Who is more famous Neil Diamond or Adele?

adele is more famous than neil diamond

Who is more famous Neil Armstong or Lady Gaga?

Neil Armstrong

Who is more popular Van Morrison or Neil Young?

Neil Young

When was Neil Armstrong Famous?

Neil Armstrong is still famous. He became famous when he became the first man to step foot on the moon in 1969.I am rude