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Q: What are some examples of healthy choices?
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What is healthier choices?

There are many types of choices that are considered healthy. Some include eating healthy foods, exercising, getting plenty of rest, and not smoking or drinking.

What are some healthy choices if you are lactose intolerant?

chips and fries

Where are some good diabetic menu ideas to be found?

Fatty Weight has some information about the different elements to a diet that diabetics need, with a free meal plan to give examples of healthy meal choices.

What are some healthy food choices for a school canteen in the mornings?

Nasi lemak

How healthy behaviors and choices can positively affect your health status?

Healthy choices in food and exercise make you more healthy overall.

What are some healthy snack choices when trying to lose weight?

There are several healthy choices for snacks while trying to lose weight - fruit, nuts and dairy are just a few of the choices. Try going to for more detailed descriptions and assistance in loosing those last few pounds.

Which of these can positive healthy choices early in life dramatically affect?

Positive healthy choices early in life can dramatically affect LIFELONG FITNESS

Who are some examples of smart living people?

A person that is said to be an example of smart living is a person that is making choices that are pro-environment. They are making choices for clean energy use and choices that are financially sound.

What are some healthy menu choices at Red Robin?

Some healthy choices on the menu at Red Robin include, salad, and vegetables like broccoli. Also a person can get the bruschetta chicken sandwich, a grilled turkey burger, a garden burger, the ensenada chicken salad, and a grilled chicken salad.

Is French food healthier than Irish food?

There are healthy and unhealthy choices in both cuisines. You control your healthy choices no matter what country's food you eat.

What lifestyle choices help keeps bones healthy and strong?

a healthy diet and exercising daily

What are some healthy choices?

eating the right way like eating a salad only eating junk food once in a while