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Q: What are some environmental factors that can adversely affect man's health?
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Micro-environmental factors that affect the development and introduction of a health drink?

what are the micro environmental factors that affect business environment?

How do environmental factors affect the health of lung tissues?

Environmental factors like dirt can poorly affect the health of the lung tissues if inhaled. These particles will agitate the tissue.

What environmental factors affect human health?

Pollution Nutrition Allergies Stress

What is health hazzard?

A health hazzard is a warning against what could potentially adversely affect one's health

What are the effects of not consuming fat adversely affect your health?

high cholesterol

What is hazzard?

A health hazzard is a warning against what could potentially adversely affect one's health

What environmental factors cannot influence your health status?

Very few environmental factors absolutely cannot influence your health. Perhaps only smells cannot have a strong impact on your health.

What are the factors that influence the health equilibrium?

the factors that affect the health equilibrium is the

How do genetics affect your health?

There has always been debate over the effect of nature versus nurture on health. The most common idea today is that genetics and environmental factors have an equal influence on a person's health.

What is environmental factors affecting health when working computer?

1. Temperature: The Computer uses electricity or electronic circuits component which generate a lot of heat, these causes discomforte to it's users, to aviod this computer enviroment should be well airconditonal and enough fans provided and installed to cool the office.

How does drug misuse affect a persons health and well being?

Intoxication can adversely affect an individual in a variety of ways, depending on the toxin and individual.

What are the environmental factors that affect life expectancy?

Environmental factors that can affect life expectancy include air quality, access to clean water and sanitation, exposure to hazardous substances, availability of healthcare services, and the overall socioeconomic conditions of the area. Additionally, climate-related factors such as extreme temperatures and natural disasters can also impact life expectancy. These environmental factors can contribute to various health issues and increase the risk of diseases and mortality.