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Angiosperms & gymnosperms

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Q: What are other names for flowering plants and nonflowering seed plants?
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What are other names for flowering plants and nonflowering seed plantes?

Angiosperms & gymnosperms

What are other names for flowering plant and nonflowering seed plant?

Vascular and Non-Vascular

How is fertilization in flowering plants different from fertilization in other plant groups?

Fertilization in flowering plants is achieved by transferring the male gamete through pollen tube whereas in nonflowering plants the male male gametes are motile and transferred in aqueous medium.

Similarities between flowering and non flowering plants?

Flowering plants have flowers, non-flowering plants do notFlowering plants produce seeds, non-flowering do not (normally spore)Gametophytes are independent in non-flowering plants, these are dependent on sporophytes in flowering plants.

What plant is non-flowering plant?

The most popular non-flowering plants are probably mosses, ferns, and conifers (example: pine trees). and what they are are plants that have no flowers Yes, that is exactly right. Plants with no flowers. Plants without flowers will reproduce by a naked seed (gymnosperms, like conifers), which is a seed without a flower (flowering plants have their seed encased in the ovary of the flower during pollination), or by spores (ferns, mosses).

Is a flower a flowering plant?

Yes. Basically, all plants that bear (grow) flowers are flowering plants why the other plant which do not bear (grow) flowers are non-flowering plants.

How are the flowering plants different to the non-flowering?

one has flowers and the other dosn't.

What are some flowering plants and non flowering plants?

Non-flowering plants include:Conifers and other gymnospermsFernsClubmossesHornwortsLiverwortsMossesGreen algaeFlowering plant groups:Monocotyledonous plantsDicotyledonous plants

What are other name given to flowering plants?


Is there any plant that does not make food?

insectivorous, to the contrary are food making plants. However there are at least two flowering plants (I don't recall the names ) are parasitic on other plants especially tomatos and eggplants and don't make food

What are the major difference between flowering and non-flowering plants?

One lot flowers the other lot don't.

What are non-flowering plants that do not reproduce by spores?

Gymnosperms (conifers and other cone bearing plants) are a non-flowering plant group that do not reproduce via spore