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There are basically two kinds of blood cholesterol one being HDL and the other being LDL. The HDL is considered the good type and doctors say the higher the level the better. LDL is less desired but a level of 140 or less is considered OK.

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There are many ways to achieve healthy cholesterol levels. Many people choose to eat foods like Cheerios, fruits, and vegetables.

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Q: What are healthy cholesterol levels?
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Are there any frozen dinners that help me maintain healthy cholesterol levels?

There are frozen dinners that can assist you in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. These are not as common but there are special manufacturers for this.

need to know what cholesterol totals should be ?

need to know what cholesterol levels should be

Where can I find out what healthy cholesterol levels are?

You can find out more info about it here: Please be sure to check with your doctor to see if it is right for you.

Can you raise your HDL cholesterol levels with healthy lifestyle changes?

Yes, a person can raise their HDL cholesterol levels with a healthy diet and exercise. Some ways to do this are to lower your weight, limit cholesterol and ad fats in your diet, have a good exercise routine, do not smoke and only drink in moderation.

What Is HDL Cholesterol and Why Should I Care?

By now, you probably know that maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is very important. Yet, you may still be wondering, what is HDL cholesterol and why is it important? HDL cholesterol is known as the �good� cholesterol. HDL helps to cleanse the arteries of LDL, or �bad�, cholesterol. When your levels of good cholesterol are low, your arteries may begin to clog, which will increase your chances of developing heart disease and other health problems. This is why doctors, experts, and other medical professionals are constantly telling patients to exercise, consume a healthy diet, and maintain their cholesterol levels.

How can I reduce my high cholesterol levels?

A healthy diet is key to lowering your high cholesterol levels. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and cut down on meat and fatty foods such as cheese and ice cream.

Tips To Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels?

Tips to maintain healthy cholesterol levelsMaintaining a healthy ratio between good and bad cholesterol levels is essential to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. While some individuals may be genetically predisposed to high bad cholesterol levels, there are several lifestyle changes which help to decrease those levels, while increasing the good cholesterol levels.Proper Food PreparationThe key to healthy food preparation is to decrease the amount of oils and sauces in which the food is cooked. Ideally, food should be boiled, broiled, or grilled to help reduce the intake of bad cholesterol.Regular Exercise RoutineRoutine exercise has twofold benefits. Regular movement not only decreases bad cholesterol levels, but it also helps to increase the body's production of good cholesterol which combats the bad.Quit SmokingStudies have shown that smoking has a detrimental effect on good cholesterol levels. It decreases the body's ability to produce and utilize it. Individuals who smoke should seriously consider quitting in order to regulate their body's cholesterol levels.Lose WeightPerson's who are overweight are more likely to have higher bad cholesterol levels and to have a predisposition to heart disease. A physician should be consulted by anyone who is overweight in order to find the best method of weight loss for him or her.An unhealthy balance of cholesterol levels could lead to heart disease. It is imperative to keep both good and bad levels under control by following a physician's orders and making changes towards a healthy lifestyle.

What guide do you use to reduce your cholesterol?

TLC has a great guide for reducing one's cholesterol that includes understanding cholesterol levels and how to lower them, then becoming physically active and following a healthy meal plan.

What is good cholesterol level?

A desirable cholesterol level is below 200 milligrams, if you are above 240 milligrams then you have a high level of cholesterol. It's important to keep your cholesterol at a healthy level, especially if you have other risk factors for developing heart disease. For more information on cholesterol levels click on this link

What healthy foods are available online that might help in cholesterol reduction?

As far as foods you can purchase online that lower cholesterol, olive oil is a great one. It has many nutritious benefits including reducing cholesterol levels. Many supplements are available online as well that help to lower cholesterol levels.

Maintaining Healthy Cholesterol Levels ?

Many people are concerned with their cholesterol levels, knowing it can lead to heart disease and a heart attack or other complications. The key to keeping healthy cholesterol levels is by diet and exercise. Staying away from fried foods or any foods high is saturated fats will help keep your cholesterol levels low. Eating oatmeal has been advertised as lowering your cholesterol, but eating any high fiber foods can have the same effect. Fish and nuts are two other foods that can keep you healthy. Using olive oil instead of other oils that are higher in saturated fats will help.

Should someone with high cholesterol eat bananas?

Bananas are a good food for someone with high cholesterol. The high levels of potassium are a great help for healthy heart action which can be affected by high cholesterol.