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Q: What are four ways the body compensate for shock?
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What four ways in which microorganisms can damage the body?

pathogens antigens

What are the four ways your body uses protein?

to build muscle

What are four ways your body uses protein?

to build muscle

What is compensated shock?

There are several ways the body goes through shock; Compensated shock occurs when the body expects to see or feel something that will either frighten or cause the body pain, and the body prepares itself for this sudden event- muscles tighten, heart rate increases and gets that "dropped" feeling. When the event does not happen, your body still must go into shock in order to avoid injury from the sudden loosening of muscles ans raised rate.

What are four ways that the body can be harmed by over exposure to ultraviolet light?

The four ways that the body can be harmed by over-exposure to ultraviolet light are wrinkles, skin cancer, cataracts, and skin burns.

What are four ways our body excretes things?

Breathing, sweat, urine, feces.

How does the body compensate for metabolic acidosis?

There are three ways the body compensates for acidosis and alkalosis. The major mechanisms are chemical buffers, respiratory systems and the urinary system

What are four ways a controlled product can enter the body?

absorption, injection, ingestion and breathing

What are four ways fluid is loss from human body?

puke blood pee and spit

What four ways can enter the body and what should you do if someone is poisoned and why?

The four ways that poisons can enter the body are by absorption, inhalation, injection(bleed), and ingestion. If someone is poisoned, then I guess you should call 911 for an ambulance because you are dying from poison and you don't know how to cure it.

Describe four ways your body is like a building?

Body building is due to Food, Supplements, exercise, and with steroids stacklabs built the body faster than all

What happens when emotional needs are not met in dv?

People will try to compensate in other unhealthy ways.