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To me the five factors that influence your health are genetics, environment, motivation, knowledge

First one can't control one's genetics. However one can work around it. For example Gardner syndrome gives someone a great risk of developing colon cancer. While this can't be helped. Genetics help in letting one know one's risks for illnesses. Getting checkups, screenings to help prevent a fatal outcome can be helped. One's environment includes home life, the air one breaths, water one drinks, etc. Motivation to take care of one's health is vitally important. One can have access to the best care but if one isn't going to take advantage that what good are all the advantages? Knowledge is knowing what are healthy choices for one's health. Part of this is recognizing what diseases, disorders run in one's family. This gets back to genetics. Plus what are believed to be my health care professionals steps for a healthy lifestyle. Lastly I think one of the most important factor is enough health care coverage. I include mental and physical health. Unfortunately getting good health coverage isn't true for everyone. IMHO this is one of the most important since the fact is health care can be expensive. The best way to be healthy is to perform healthy habits, know one's genetic and family and get periodic checkups.

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Q: What are five factors that influence your health?
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