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-Katie Babyfayce

-Brookelle Bones

-Dakota Rose


-Jenn Curbstomp

-Barbie Beatdown


-Hannie Dropkick

-Melissa Marie


-Zui Suicide

-Raquel Reed

-Justine Jellybean

-Izzi Murder

-Dani Gore

-Twigg Violence

-Audrey Kitching

-Jac Vanek

-Kiki Kannibal

-Coloured Angel

-Lena Novikova

-Hilary Haywire

-Alex Addicted

-Miss Mosh


-Brittany Kramer

-Lexi Lush

-Emili Villanueva

-Jeffree Star

There are lots more but these are the ones that I've managed to scrap up for you!! XD :3

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Q: What are all the scene girls names?
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What are the names of some really hot emo or scene girls?

ashlynn, charlotte

Are scene kids girls r like girly girls?

they could be girly girls it all depends on their personality.

Are there any famous scene girls?

Yes there are loads actually all over the world!Here are some Scene Girls that are famous!Melissa Marie, Dani gore, Alisson Wonderland (who are all in a band names Millionaires)Hanna BethHilary HaywireVanna VenomAudrey KitchingBarbie BeatdownIzzy HiltonJac VanekKiki Kannibal & Dekota Rose [Who are sisters]Thats all i can think of really but i hope i helped :)

Do any of the boys have a girlfriend and what are the girls names?

Yes they all have boyfriends and the girls names are darnisha and laquisha

What are the names of all the moxie girls?


Would guys you prefer scene girls or non-scene girls?

As always, it depends on the guys taste and/or style. Stereotypically, scene guys will go for scene girls. So on and so forth.

What is hotter Scene Girls Or Preppy Girls?

Scene Girls, for sure :D i am scene :P <3 ^^^Well I want to add to this :) Scene girls are usaly hotter in my oppinion but some girls who are trying to hard to be scene can be very unatractive and some preps can be really good looking Hope this helped x)

What are the names of some films that feature kissing scenes?

There are many films that feature a kissing scene. Generally, romantic movies such as The Notebook, Grease, Mean Girls and Breakfast at Tiffany's have a kissing scene.

How do scene girls get so skinny?

Most really popular scene girls are typically on the younger side, or have little to no muscle mass. A few may have eating disorders, but most of the time they are naturally petite. All the best/ most well known scene queens are thin Caucasian females, but that may not be so true in the future. Scene girls with an 'average' weight, and even African American scene girls are on the rise in popularity.

What are the names of all the brainiac girls?

Danni elphick

What are the names of some unknown scene girls?

Kaity Babyface, Brookelle Bones, and Hannie Dropkick. Also on youtube: Bad Kitty and Kitty Mallow! :)

Names of all Lowell mill girls?

Lucy Larcom and Harriette Hanson are the names i know of