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Q: What are all protozoans because they take in food?
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Are all protozoans prokaryotic and autorophic?

Protozoans are eukaryote and not all are autotrophic.

What characteristic do all protozoans share?

They are all eukaryotes, and live in moist surroundings.Most protozoans are unicellular, but not all.

How are protozoans different from animals?

The protozoa are one-celled animals and the smallest of all animals. ... They do breathe, move, and reproduce like multicelled animals.

What protozoan has nuclear membranes?

All protozoans have a nuclear membrane.

Is a marshmallow a food or a candy?

Yes, it's both because it can be a treat (candy) and it can be food (sweet potatoes). All candy is food. Take this for example. A butterfinger is food because it has flavor and it can take up space in your stomach.

Why does the digestive system take up such a large area of the body?

Because it has to digest all of the food that you eat.

How are algae different from protozoans?

Protozoa typically refer to heterotrophic, unicellular protists such as amoeba. The term algae is reserved for autotrophic protists. They can either be unicellular or multicellular aggregates.

Where do plant take in food?

Plants take in food from their roots, all plants do.

What place does the mustang horse play in the food chain?

It is lower in the food chain because it is a herbivore but it is only preyed upon by larger predators because they are all that can take one down.

Why is it important for the cytoplasm to move continuously in a cell?

Cytoplasm moves because it has to transport all the materials inside the cell and in some protozoans it is even necessary for movement of whole cell such as Amoeba.

Where does the food-making process take place?

It all depends on what food it is.

What stores in Missouri take food stamps?

All grocery stores in Missouri take food stamps.