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u can get drunk and die

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Q: What are affects on drinking alcohol?
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How can drinking alcohol effect your choices?

alcohol is a depressant, which affects mood, and a drug that affects impulse control and inhibitions.

What factors affects a persons blood alcohol concentration?

Drinking Alcohol could do it...

What does drinking Alcohol affects in the body?

Drinking alcohol in moderation is associated with better health and longevity than either abstaining or abusing alcohol.

Can you drive in Alberta with a passenger who is drinking alcohol?

It is not legal in Alberta to drive a motor vehicle with an open container of alcohol. This law also affects the passenger who is drinking alcohol.

Any positive affects of drinking alcohol?

There are many positive effects of drinking alcohol regularly and in moderation. Two very important ones are better health and greater longevity.

How does drinking effect the human body?

Alcohol affects the cerebellum which leads to loss of body balance.

Why does drinking slow down your reaction time?

Alcohol is a depressant, and affects your brain by depressing its reaction time.

What usually goes on in alcohol rehabs?

In alcohol rehabs, people learn to withdrawal from alcohol by talking about the bad news associated with drinking and how it affects family and friends and social life.

Why does alcohol absorb very quickly by blood?

Alcohol (drinking alcohol) rapidly affects the cell membrane. It is soluble in fat and so rapidly passes into the cells causing effects.

What are the affects of drinking?

Drinking affects the brain, kidney, and the liver.

Can drinking alcohol while taking prednizone affect liver function?

Alcohol affects liver function all by itself. Prednisone and alcohol can cause liver and pancreatic damage, as can prednisone alone.

Why is drinking alcohol a safety issue?

Drinking alcohol in moderation is fine.Safety becomes an issue when we over indulge.Alcohol affects our ability to concentrate and focus on what we are doing.For example it becomes dangerous to operate machines, drive cars, or even walk.