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Q: What actor played Col Blake in MASH?
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Who replaced col Blake in MASH?

Col. Sherman T. Potter played by Harry Morgan

Famous for a series of flops after he left the show what MASH actor had wanted to play Hawkeye but instead played Col Henry Blake?

McLean Stevenson

Who was the colonel in the mash movie?

Roger Bowen played Lt. Col. Henry Braymore Blake in the 1970 MASH movie.

On MASH what was Col Henry Blake's wife's name?


After his final inspection on MASH Col Henry Blake turned to Margaret and?

Kissed her

Where was the Huey Helicopter Model in the MASH series Hint Col. Blake's office?

The Model of the Huey Helicopter was hanging above the High School Diploma in Col. Blake's office and not in Col. Potters office.

Following his final inspection on MASH Col Henry Blake turned to Margaret and did what?

Kissed her.

What mash stars have died?

M*A*S*H, the CBS television series, ran from 1972-83. Stars of the series who have died include:McLean Stevenson (COL Henry Blake) d. 1996Harry Morgan (COL Sherman T. Potter) d, 2011Larry Linville (MAJ Frank Burns) d. 2000

Who played col potter in mash?

Harry Morgan

What actors have played Col Potter in mash?

He was only portrayed by Harry Morgan.

Why did Col Henry Blake of MASH often have women's underthings drying in his tent?

He would often sleep with the nurse's of the 4077, despite being married.

Who was Roger Bowen?

Roger Bowen was the actor known for his portrayal of Lt. Col. Henry Blake in the 1970 film MASH. Aside, from his acting career, Bowen considered himself a writer first. He wrote 11 novels, along with many Broadway sketches and television comedy skits. A veteran of TV commercials, McLean Stevenson, played Colonel Blake on the long-running M*A*S*H television series. By coincidence, Bowen died of a heart attack one day after actor McLean Stevenson.