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Q: What Effectiveness efficiency can be measured by?
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What is efficiency effectiveness?

Efficiency effectiveness can only be measured by results; cost efficiency, time efficiency, output efficiency, etc.

What can Effectiveness and efficiency in accounting can be measured by?

The effectiveness and efficiency in accounting can be measured by several things. These things include how their money is spent, how they stay within budget, and how the books are balanced.

What is more important efficiency or effectiveness?


What is efficiency measured in?

Efficiency is measured in joules.

What is the Meaning of management efficiency and effectiveness?

Between efficiency and effectiveness which one is more important for performance

What is most important for the organization efficiency or effectiveness?


How mergers and acquisition has played a vital role in en-chancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation?

enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization

How the effectiveness of advertising is measured?

Effectiveness of advertising can be measured in terms of sales volume of that product advertised.

What role do you think organisational structure plays in an organizational efficiency and effectiveness?

What role do you think organizational structure plays in an organization's efficiency and effectiveness? Explain.

What is difference between effectiveness and efficiency and why?

effectiveness refers to the ability to produce the desired results. efficiency refers to the correctness of the produced result ex; effectiveness is like making an engine of high performance and efficiency is like the extent to which it works and reach the goal of the manufacture

What is adjective of efficiency?

adeptness, effectiveness, capability, productiveness.

Can an organization succeed in both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously?