What Age Is body spray for?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What Age Is body spray for?
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Do you have to be a certain age to buy cologne?

no its legal at any age to buy cologne or body spray

How much spray do skunks have in there body?

only one teaspoon of spray is in there body

What is a good cologne to buy for a pre-teen girl?

You probably don't want to buy a preh-teen girl a cologne as a perfume or body spray will be most appropriate. The best bets for girls this age will be to either get her a celebrity themed perfume (think Hannah Montana) or to get her a body spray set since at her age it truly is quantity over quality. Body spray sets are fun too because they are not overpowering and they are pretty so she can proudly display them in her room.

Where can i get stowaway sleepy lagoon body spray?

Where can l get the body spray sleepy lagoon by stowaway

How old should you be to apply body spray?

From personal experience and my religous background I was not allowed to use body spray until the age of 24. because i was hindered, i smelt in school and was the target of playground bullies. i suggest you start IMMEDIATELY and use excess amounts.

What happens when you put body spray on under your arms pits?

If you spray body spray on under your arm pits your arm pits will smell like body spray for a period of time. If you recently had a shaving accident and there is a small cut on your arm pits the body spray may sting a little because some body sprays have irritating ingredients.

Can you spray Axe body spray on your skin or clothes?


What advantage of body spray?

the advantage of body spray is that you have no bad odor.

How much body spray should you spray?

Depends on how much you stink

Will your son get sick from swallowing body spray?

It depends what body spray. He should be okay as long as it wasnt a lot.

Is lynx body spray a cause of pollution?

no. If you spray it in fire you will burn someone

How much is body spray?