Were all carnivore dinosaurs walk on two legs?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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Yes. All dinosaurs were two legged to run fast and catch prey.

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Q: Were all carnivore dinosaurs walk on two legs?
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Do all the carnivore dinosaurs walk on four legs?

No. all carnivorous dinosaurs walked on two legs.

What is another for a dinosaurs with two legs?

Dinosaurs that walk on two legs are called "bipeds". The term applies to all animals that walk on two legs.

What dinosaurs walk on 4 legs?

The triceratops. All the long neck dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus

How many legs did velociraptors walk on?

Like all known carnivorous dinosaurs velociraptor walked on two legs.

Is it true that dinosaurs with 2 legs were carnivores whilst dinosaurs with 4 legs were herbivores?

No, there were in fact quite a few herbivores that ran on two legs, like microceratops and leaellynasaura. There are no two-legged carnivores though because the first carnivore was Coelophysus, a two-legged carnivore and all the carnivores evolved from that point.

What is the name of dinosaurs that walk on all four legs?

Bronasaurus, or long neck.The most common called name for that dinosaur is long neck.

Does a panda walk on its hind legs?

A panda can walk on all four legs or both hind legs.

What type of a dinosaur is a carnivore?

All carnivorous dinosaurs belonged to a group called theropods.

What is a meat eater called for a dinosaurs?

Any mean-eating animal is a carnivore. All carnivorous dinosaurs belonged to a group called theropods.

How does a panda bear walk?

panda bears walk on all 4 legs and it takes a while but still as i said they walk on all 4 legs

Can a koala walk on two legs?

No: koalas cannot walk on two legs, but must use all four legs to support themselves. They can briefly stand on their hind legs, but not to walk.

Do monkeys walk up on two legs?

all monkeys can walk on two legs but mopst prefere to walk on all fours, with their babys on their back or hanging on to their stomach.