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This issue is debatable, like the Tyson-Hilary-Kai one. It is implied that he spent his childhood in Russia, because he used to be on the Demolition Boys team. His grandfather lives in Russia, and his house in Japan is also built according to Russian style. Kai's last name, however, is Hiwatari, which is Japanese, and his father's name was also Susumu Hiwatari. Also, Kai is the heir to a large Japanese military company, "Hiwatari Enterprises". But, it is stated that he was born and raised in Russia. It is possible that either his mother was Russian, or that he is of Japanese descent and was merely born in Russia.

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Yes, Kai Hiwatari in the anime Beyblade is said to have been born in Russia.

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Q: Was Kai born in Russia from Beyblade?
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How old is Kai from Beyblade?

Kai Hiwatari is 13-15 years old... basically a teen.

Who has the strata dragoon in bey blade g revolution?

The character Kai Hiwatari is the owner of the Strata Dragoon in Beyblade G-Revolution. Kai is a skilled Blader who uses the Beyblade in battles.

Are Kai and Tyson best friends in beyblade?

Yes, Kai and Tyson are best friends in Beyblade. They start off as rivals but develop a strong friendship through their battles and shared experiences in the series.

Who is more powerful in Beyblade. Kai or Tyson?

i think tyson. He has a better connection with his beyblade than kai, which helps him alot in battle. Actually, it depends on how they have trained or believed in their blades. Oh well i think kai's black dranzer flash flame!

Watch Beyblade Movies?

Only one, 'Beyblade the Movie: Fierce Battle' Unfortunate for Kai Hiwatari lovers like me there is not much of him in it and for lovers of the pairing of Kai and Hilary Tatibana again like me there is not much of them being together either. :-<

Why was Kai so serious in Beyblade?

Kai is very serious in Beyblade because of his childhood. He was very close to his father who just happened to enjoy making Beyblades for children. This fascinated the young Kai and from this grew his love for Beyblade. However, when his grandfather found out about his father making "silly toys" he said to either lose the Beyblades or the right to become heir of the company, Hiwatari Enterprises. In the end, Kai's father chose Beyblades because he loved to make little children laugh. Kai, devastated by his father's decision decided to destroy all the toys that "stole his father away". That is why Kai was so serious in Beyblade.

Is Kai Hitawari present in Beyblade Manga?

No, Kai Hitawari is not a character in the Beyblade manga series. The main characters in the original Beyblade manga are Tyson Granger, Kai Hiwatari, Ray Kon, and Max Tate.

Who is Kai's counterpart in Beyblade metal fusion and masters?

Kyoya Tategami or Tsubasa Otori. However, they both are friendlier than Kai.

How do you enter BBA championship in beyblade gba?

you have to defeat Kai after finishing the last newbie and win!!!!

Does Kai still have his dranzer bit beast and Beyblade at the end of Beyblade G revolution?

yes he does at the end of last episode you can see him and Tyson battling and they both call out their beasts

In which episode of beyblade did dranzer break?

kai's dranzer ms broke in episode 48 g revolution

Is Kai hiwatari present in beyblade metal masters?

No, he is not. All the characters are different, if you don't count the Blader DJ.