Urinating while sleeping

Updated: 9/14/2023
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This is known as enuresis. It is accidental and not done on purpose or because the person - usually a child - is too lazy to get out of bed. Acquiring control of one's bladder is a normal developmental process which just takes some people longer. In very occasional circumstances, there might be a medical reason.

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Q: Urinating while sleeping
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How do you stop urinating while sleeping?

right before u go to sleep use the bathroom and while ur sleep if u have to use the bathroom go to the bathroom!

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Symptoms of kidney disease are changes in urination, pain in the lower back, discomfort while urinating, dehydration, trouble sleeping, concentrating or dizziness.

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No it could be a UTI

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I believe when your tired, you get cold. When you sleeping, you are very tired. You get cold while sleeping because you are tired

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Irritation, such as burning or itching while urinating or painful urination Amy mean that you have a urinary track infection.

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