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Matthew Broderick

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Q: To which actor is Sarah Jessica Parker married?
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To what actor is Sarah Jessica Parker married?

Matthew Broderick

Who has Sarah Jessica Parker dated?

Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker married to Matthew Broderick in 19 May 1997

Does Sarah jessica Parker has a boyfriend?

No, but she has a husband: actor Matthew Broderick.

Who narrates I Don't Want to Talk About It?

In 1979, the job for narrating I Don't Want To Talk About It, was given to the famous and adored actor, Mel Gibson. The job was then handed over to Sarah Jessica Parker, in 1997. Once Sarah Jessica Parker quit to play in Sex and The City, the narrater was Eddie Murphy.

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It is the School for Creative and Performing Arts. Among the performers who have attended SCPA are actress Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City), actor/director Todd Luiso (High Fidelity, Love Liza), actor Rocky Carroll (NCIS) and singer Nick Lachey.

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What is Sarah Michelle Gellars husband called?

Sarah Michelle Geller is married to actor Freddie Prinze Jr.

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Bradley Cooper is a talented actor, and proved his comedic talents in The Hangover in 2009. The film was a huge hit and skyrocketed him to success.

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