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The cellular product of spermatogenesis is four spermatids. The final product of oogenesis is one ovum and three polar bodies.

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Q: The final product of oogenesis is one?
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Final product of oogenesis is one?

The final product in oogenesis is one egg and three polar bodies.

What is the product of spermatogenesis?

The final products of spermetagenesis are 16 spermatids and end products of oogenesis are 1 ovum and 3 polar bodies.

What is the benefit of uneven production of gametes in oogensis?

Oogenesis (misspelled as oogenesis) is the creation of an egg cell. The benefit of uneven production of gametes in oogenesis is one haploid cell gets the majority of the nutrients.

How do oogenesis?

oogenesis The production and development of an egg

What is made by meiosis in women?

egg,one via oogenesis

Cells oogenesis produce?

oogenesis is the process of making an egg

What are the four final cell types produced by oogenesis in the female?

Generally, one viable ovum(egg) is produced, while the other three cells degenerate into 'polar bodies' and are recycled by the body.

What happens during oogenesis?

During oogenesis, the cytoplasm is divided UNEVENLY so that only one mature egg is produced along with three polar bodies.

How does oogenesis compare to the final product of spermatogenesis in males?

meiosis is the process; males produce four haploid gametes (sperm) while in females only a single haploid gamete (egg) is produced. The other three cells (polar bodies) fail to mature and die.

Where does Oogenesis occurs?

Oogenesis occurs in the ovaries of females.

What are final product of protein?

Proteins are the final product. They are made from amino acids.

Where does oogenesis takes place?

Oogenesis takes place in the female gonads of most animals. The eggs are created through oogenesis in the ovaries of women.