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Most likely the expiration date.

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Q: The date on a bottle of oil is it the expiration date or the born date?
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Does motor oil has a expiration date?

no it actually doesn't

Is there an expiration date for olive oil?

By law, olive oil expires two years after the production date.

What is the expiration date of canola oil?

It lasts for about a year uopened

Is it ok to used palm oil after after the expiration date?

Is it an expiration date of a best before date? Best before dates have BB next to them usually. If it's a best before date, then it's fne and dandy, but if it's an expiration date then probably not good.

Is Wesson oil good if it is over the expiration date?

The expiration date is the last date on which the manufacturer is willing to guarantee that it is good. After that date, it may or may not be good (for that matter, it's possible for it to go bad BEFORE the expiration date, though this is not terribly likely).

Is there an expiration date for baby oil?

I have looked this up and cant find anything on it but I have a bottle that absolutley stinks.. there for i say its rancid.. oil can go rancid so im saying yes because this stuff smells horrible

When do these oil change coupons expire?

Coupons are good until the expiration date listed on the individual coupon. The expiration date is generally found at the top of the coupon.

Does motor oil have an expiration date?

No, if the container has not been opened, it is good indefinitely.

Will canola oil spoil?

It depends what kind it is first you have to check if there is an expiration date.

Does cooking oil expire?

Yes it does. Look at the expiration date attentively. Oil can be spoiled as any other food.

Does mineral oil expire?

There's an expiration date on the mineral oil in the laxative / digestive health section of drug store.

Is extra virgin olive oil good 3 months after expiration date?

No, you should not use it.