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you have to complete nytheria's quests and after she'll give you a hint of what number goes to which symbol

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Q: The answers for the code for aqworlds at ice fortress?
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What is the coordinate to the backdoor in the ice palace in aqworlds?

It changes every time. You need to do Nythera's Quests in "sneak into fortress".

How many pages does A Fortress of Grey Ice have?

A Fortress of Grey Ice has 672 pages.

What is dark ice and ice ten in aqworlds?

its for gold

When was A Fortress of Grey Ice created?

A Fortress of Grey Ice was created on 2003-08-01.

Who drops the ice Sickle in AQWorlds?

the frost dragon

How do you get in the blck knight fortress in runesCApe?

u go to white knigts castle then go north to ice mountain and the fortress is on the right and on top of ice mountain

Where is the black knights fortress at?

The Black Knights' Fortress is located on Ice Mountain, west of Edgeville / the EdgevilleMonastery.

What attacks do you get as a mage in aqworlds?

you get: fireball ice shard infusion explosion

What is the fastest way to get bone dust in aqworlds?

you can get alot of bone dust in AQWorlds by killing Jack Sprat in graveyard

How do you get an ice staff in aqworld?

You get the ice staff in AQWorlds in two locations. This staff can be found at Twilight's Edge and Ravenloss.

How do you get the ice arrows on Zelda The Wind Waker?

You can get ice arrows after you beat The Forsaken Fortress for the second time. Then, you will have to use the Ballad of Gales to warp inside Mother and Child Isles to get the fire and ice arrows.

Where can you find a chill pill on AQWorlds?

to get the chill pill you must kill things like snow golems and ice elementals and they will give you it