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There is actually a very simple word for that type of guy "bi-sexual" means that you are attracted to women and men that's the only answer.

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Q: Straight guy gets turned on by guys?
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What drives guys crazy in a kiss what turns them on when a guy kisses them?

by bf gets turned on by moaning

If a guy lets a woman play with his butt is he gay?

No -- a guy is gay if he is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to other guys. A lot of straight men are turned on by butt play.

How gay can guys get?

... as gay as guy can be straight

What do guys look for in guys?

It really depends on the guy who is looking for another guy, same as what a straight guy looks for in a woman.

Do guy's get turned off by eczema?

that depends on the guy. Some guys will be turned off, others won't care.

When a straight guy compliments a gay guys hair does that mean he has an interest in you?

No, not at all. Straight guys do not take that kind of interest in gay guys.

Is it wrong for a lesbian to be turned on by two gay guys?

No. Unless someone gets hurt when you get turned on. Not likely. If someone is being turned on by a guy(s), that implies that he/she is sexually attracted to them, so if a lesbian was Turned on by men, she isn't that much of a lesbian.

What was the name of the TV show where 5 gay guys makeover a straight guy?

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Is it gay for a guy to get a tattoo on his back?

Gay guys, straight guys, and bisexual guys can all get tattoos.

Do guys get more turned on watching guy on girl or girl on girl more?

It depends on the guy.

Does guys get turned on when hey get their nipples licked?

It really depends on the guy.

How do you know a straight guy like boys too?

Well if they are straight then they don't like other guys. But you can tell if a guy likes another guy if they look at them like a straight guy would look at a chick.