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Social wellness pertains to how you interact with others. Are you friendly and outgoing, or isolative? Are you involved in your community? It's important to point out that someone with a lot of friends isn't necessarily more socially well than someone with a few friends. To be socially well means that your expectations and desires regarding your interactions with others are being met.

Emotional wellness pertains to how you feel inside. How are you doing? Are you happy? Are you constantly frustrated or upset? Negative thoughts and feelings are indicative of poor emotional wellness. While there are many ways to remedy poor emotional wellness (and each method differs with each person), the goal is to pursue individual happiness.

Intellectual wellness pertains to whether or not you meet your desired level of intellectual stimulation. Enrol in a formal education or training program, or simply study a hobby of yours to contribute to your positive intellectual wellness.

Occupational or financial wellness increases or decreases with one's satisfaction with their job, as well as their financial standing. Time spent at work is approximately 1/3rd of your life - being stuck in a job you hate contributes greatly to poor occupational wellness. Additionally, not having the finances to fund your needs can clearly place great stress on your life, as well as the lives of those close to you.

Finally, spiritual wellness can pertain to finding meaning and purpose in one's life. This can involve religious beliefs, the pursuit of happiness, or simply seeing the good in all things.

So, does not having the flu mean you're healthy? Not even close. Consider everything in your life, and neglect nothing.

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Q: Six dimensions in health and define each?
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