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Yes, you should! It's called Subrogation demand. Keep in mind, you will encouter a lot resistance on the side of the Ins. co. They'll try to offer you a big Mac and a coke and then send you home. Good luck.

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Q: Should you write in the amount when you are trying to settle a claim with a car insurance company?
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How much time does the insurance company have to settle with me in Indiana?

that depends on how much your policy says they will settle on. if you are having a problem with insurance company, get a lawyer. all insurance companies will rip you off and pay as little as they possably can

Can an auto injury attorney negotiate with the other person's insurance company to get them to settle?

An auto injury attorney can negotiate with with other person's insurance company to find the best solution to the accident. The insurance company should handle the situation, and provide the best outcome for you.

What do you do if the person responsible for damaging your vehicle does not have insurance?

Take them to small claims court or settle it through your insurance company.

Should your insurance co work with the other insurance co to settle your claim or do you have to do that?

You are responsible

How can you get the insurance company to say your car is totaled when they claim they can fix it?

You can't. Usually it is up to the insurance company's discretion. They have the right to settle their insurance claims for as little as possible without litigation. \

What are your rights to prevent your car insurance from settling with the other side if you honestly feel this is a fraud case?

Typically, an insurance policy gives the insurance company the right to settle any claim at its sole discretion. So, you may have no right to oppose the insurance company's decision to settle! But read your policy to find out for sure.

How do you find status of policy to settle estate?

The status of a policy can be had by browsing the Insurance Company's portal,if you have prior registration, or you can visit the Insurance Company's office for status of your policy.

If friend driving your car wrecks it will their full coverage policy pay for the repairs?

yes.. make sure you contact your insurance company and let your insurance deal with your friend's insurnace to settle the damage amount to have it repaired. asian623

You were in an accident 2 years ago and the other person is suing is she suing you or the insurance company?

She is suing you and you must notify your insurance company of the lawsuit. They will pay, make an offer to settle or defend you.

Your contractor's insurance company - damage was their fault - wants you to settle damages at depreciated value - ACV. Aren't you entitled to full replacement cost -RCV- because it wasn't your fault?

See if your insurance company will help you resolve the claim. The contractor should definitely make things right.

Is there a statute of limitations for insurance companies to settle a claim on auto insurance?

Yes, but it varies by the state and insurance companies can extend the amount of time to pay claim, such as if they need to investigate fraud.

Does great American insurance company settle personal injury claims?

Every Insurance co settles personal injuries claims, in all 50 states.