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Q: Should I use a blood glucose meter with non diabetic hypoglycemia?
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When a diabetic does not have enough glucose in their blood it develops a condition called?

i think its hypoglycemia means low amount of blood sugar so you have to have sugar often becky 12

How long after hypoglycemic attack should blood sugar level be taken?

From the onset of hypoglycemia, the diabetic should first treat the low glucose level, then immediately test.

What are blood glucose monitors most useful for?

Blood glucose monitoring is for people with diabetes so they can control their blood glucose in their own home. The advantages of blood glucose monitoring are early detection of hypoglycemia, better blood sugar control, and fewer complications.

What is the medical term meaning blood condition of less than normal sugar?

hypoglycemia. hypo means low , glyc means sugar and emia means in the blood.

How do you differentiates between hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia?

In simple terms, hypoglycemia is the condition caused by a low level of blood glucose, whereas hyperglycemia is the condition caused by a high level of blood glucose.

How is hypoglycemia diagnosed?

A common test to diagnose hypoglycemia is the extended oral glucose tolerance test.

Why do i always have low blood sugar but am not diabetic and eat all of the time?

you may have hypoglycemia

What diets can help with hypoglycemia?

Foods high in rapidly absorbed sugars should be avoided. This diet can help prevent reactive hypoglycemia due to a sudden influx of glucose into the blood.

A decrease in blood glucose that causes the inhibition of insulin is an example of?


What can glucose tests detect?

increased blood glucose (hyperglycemia), decreased blood glucose (hypoglycemia), increased glucose in the urine (glycosuria), and decreased glucose in CSF, serous, and synovial fluid glucose.

What are symptoms of hypoglycemia, and how low is too low?

Very often, hypoglycemia symptoms occur when blood glucose levels fall below 70 mg/dl. But, many people have blood glucose readings below this level and feel no symptoms. This is called hypoglycemia unawareness.

Can you tell me what amount of blood sugar range is normal?

Fasting blood glucose should be between 70-100. A normal blood glucose would be about 125. If your fasting glucose is above 125, you may be at a high risk for developing diabetes. Your blood sugar should never be 60 or below, this is hypoglycemia and it means you could pass out or have a seizure.