Safe sex tips

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The best way to protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy is by her being on the pill and him wearing a condom (apart from abstinence of course). It's important she takes the pills the way she's supposed to and that he wears a condom that is the right size for him. Otherwise it can break or slide off. It can also be clever to take STD tests if you have been sleeping with someone else. Herpes blisters are located on and around the genitals so condoms aren't always protecting against that.

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Q: Safe sex tips
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Is it safe for a couple to have group sex?

If the couple engages in safe sex practices, group sex is just as safe as any other form of sex.

How to have safe gay sex?

You can have safe gay sex the same way you have any other safe sex. Always use a condom to protect yourself from STDs.

What are some safe sex tips?

there s no such thing as safe sex. condoms will not protect you from any sti's although people may think they do. and as for birth control... only try it if you want it to totally mess with your period and put it out of whack! and you would need to take itt at the exact same time every day in order for it to work. and there is always a chance with any contraceptive method that something could go wrong! only form of safe sex is abstinance! dont have sex at all!

What are the 5 ways to get HIv?

1. Sexual intercourse (no safe sex) 2. Oral sex (no safe sex) 3. anal sex (no safe sex) 4. Sharing needles 5. Contact of infected bodily fluids

What are some sex tips for women?

tips for women would be learn how to do a good oral, wich is what men most like then either masturbate him or just have regular sex

Is kissing sex organs safe?

If your partner is disease free, yes kissing sex organs is safe.

How do you have safe sex but still get prenant?

No "safe sex" is really absolute safe. It is all about probabilities: if you use contraceptive methods, you significantly the risk of a pregnancy.

I did not wants to be pregnant during period cycle which days are safe to make sex?

There are no "safe" days to have sex. Use birth control.

How would you relate the importance of reproductive health in achieving a satisfying and safe sex?

importance in achieving satisfying and safe sex life

Is it safe to get sex 8 days after your menstruation?

As long as you have no other health issues, it is safe to have sex at any time during your cycle.

Which months are safe for sex in pregnency time?

In normal pregnancy without problem, it is safe to have sex from the beginning of your pregnancy until you give birth.

How safe is a 1997 Boxster with 130K miles on it?

As safe as having unprotected sex