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Q: Process by which alcohol enters the bloodsteam and travels to all body parts?
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Process by which alcohol enters the bloodstream and travels to all body parts?

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Process by which alcohol enters the bloodstream and travels to all parts of the body?

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Where does alcohol enterblood stream?

The alcohol firsts enters your body through the mouth. It then travels down into your lungs and then enters into your blood stream.

What is the process by which alcohol enters te bloodstream?

Through absorption by your stomach and small intestine.

Process in which alcohol enters the boloodstream?

In the liver from hepatocytes (liver cells) in to the Hepatic sinusoids.

Through what process does the water enter the stems of the plant?

good question. it travels through its roots and all around to the leaves. like our body with oxygen

Alcohol begins to affect you after it enters your body?

As the Alcohol is consumed by the Drinker, it flows down the throat and into the Stomach. From there it either is absorbed by the walls of the stomach or it goes to the small intestines (most likely). Then, the alcohol is absorbed by the intestines and goes into the bloodstream. It goes directly to the heart, where it is then pumped around to the whole body. It reaches the Brain and sends it damaging messages, then takes a path down to the Liver. From the Liver, it is processed and oxidated (burned up). The Body can only process 1/2 Ounces of Alcohol each hour. Alcohol is very dangerous for the whole body in many ways and is a harm to society.

What happens when alcohol enters your bloodstream?


Characteristic of alcohol intake and lactation?

Alcohol easily enters breast milk

Air enters through the mouth or nose and travels through the?


When does alcohol enters your body?

Right after you start drinking it.

Is produced during glycolysis and travels from the cytoplasm and enters the mitochondrion?

citric acid