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Paige Matthews is played by Rose McGowan
Piper Halliwell is played by Holly Marie Combs
Phoebe Halliwell is played by Alyssa Milano
Prue Halliwell is played by Shannen Doherty

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Q: Page of the charmed one real name?
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Who are the real charmed one's?

In the show Charmed the Charmed Ones are Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and later Paige.

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In the TV series Charmed what is the name of Piper's first boyfriend in series one?


How long is cole in charmed?

Cole comes into charmed at the beginning of season and then he dies many times but always comes back. He die for real in season 5. he does come back for one or two eps but that's it

In Charmed what is Phoebe's middle name?

Either they never said it or she doesn't have one and it was said as a joke.

Does spectacular have a real MySpace?

no. but there is one with a page of his music.

Will there be any new episodes with charmed one childrens?

Yes, "The Destined Charmed Sons"

In season 8 of charmed which episodes is chris in?

Forever Charmed is the one adult chris was in.

Is Alyssa Milano the producer of charmed?

Yes, Alyssa Milano was one of Charmed's producers.

What are phoebe halliwell's childrens names in charmed and what are paige mathews-halliwell's childrens names in charmed?

phoebe's kids names never were said, And only one of Paige's kids have a name Henry Jr. (her son).