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I dont know how it was on set but the three certainly seem to get along now. While they live in different states, they check each other's twitters almost every day and seem to be very amicable

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Q: On the charmed set do Alyssa Millano and Holly Marie Combs get along with Rose Mcgowen?
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Who is the best actress?

Holly Marie Combs is the best along with Alyssa Millano and Rose McGowen

When did charmed came out?

The first season of Charmed was in 1998 with Shannen Doughty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano as Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell.

In the charmed next generation are they going to be the same people that star in charmed?

As of right now there are no plans to create another series of Charmed or any spin offs.......... or at least in reality, you can always check fan fiction But if there is i doubt they would use holly Marie combs shannen doherty rose mcgowen or alyssa milano. Rose doesn't seem to like Holly or Alyssa that much so it be kinda akward. I read that they were in a little aruement becase Rose called holly "Holly Marie Combover"

Who are the actresses played the main role in charmed?

Alyssa Milano Shannen Doherty Rose McGowan Holy marie combs

What are the real names of the people that play the charmed ones in charmed?

piper - holly Marie combs phoebe - alyssa milano prue - shannen doherty paige - rose mcgowan

Why did Prue leave Charmed?

She left because Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty got into fight. Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs were on a contract and could not go so they stayed.

Are the charmed ones really sisters?

In real life the Charmed Ones, Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, and Roes McGowan are not sisters. In the show, Pipper and Phobe are sisters and Paige is there half sister.

The name of the character's on tv series charmed?

Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), Piper (Holly Marie Combs), and Paige Halliwell (Rose McGowan) and prue.

Who are the actresses on the TV show 'Charmed'?

Prue (Seasons 1-3) is Shannon Doherty from '90210' Piper (Seasons 1-8) is Holly Marie Combs from various tv shows Phoebe (Seasons 1-8) Alyssa Malano from 'Who's the boss' Paige Mathews Halliwell (Seasons 4-8) is played by Rose McGowen from various movies.

Who stars in charmed season 9?

Some of the popular stars in the tv show Charmed Season 9 are Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Brian Krause, Rose McGowan, Dorian Gregory, Shannen Doherty

Did Holly Marie Combs children appeared in Charmed?

No, I do not believe that Holly Marie Combs' children appeared on Charmed.

Who are the actors off of Charmed off of tnt?

Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, Paige Mcgowan, Kaley Cuoco, Brian Krause, and Julian Mcmahon.